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  1. Free Franklin Covey Planner

    March 19, 2009 by ruetheday

    If you have a Franklin Covey store near your home and you recently lost your job, be sure to stop by and pick up a free day planner this Saturday, March 21.

  2. Threadless $5 Sale On Now

    March 17, 2009 by ruetheday


    Those of you who have read the blog for a while know that I love to promote Threadless every time they have a good sale going on. Right now is no exception, they have a great selection of shirts, not including the one shown, on sale for only $5, better shop fast, the deal expires on Monday.

  3. Free Burger Shot

    March 10, 2009 by ruetheday


    If you’ve been itching to try the new BK burger shots (I have, and they’re actually quite good) now’s your chance. On Saturday, 3/14 Burger King is giving away free burger shots between 11 AM to 2 PM. I’m not sure if “one” means one shot or one pack, but either way, one free tiny burger is yours if you stop by your local BK this Saturday.

  4. Call For Bigger Boobs

    March 10, 2009 by ruetheday


    I am highly skeptical of a new Japanese trend that promises bigger breasts merely by using a new ring tone. In fact, I normally dismiss the concept of breast enlargement unless it involves cosmetic surgery.

    The breast enlargement pills seem to be a fraud and they have some potentially dangerous side effects.

    On the other hand, I’m not too quick to dismiss the concept of this cell phone ring tone that may grow women’s breast sizes by mentally reminding them of crying babies. The inventor isn’t a quack -he’s actually highly regarded in the Japanese scientific community. The logic behind his invention is somewhat reasonable as well. Women respond both physically and emotionally when they hear crying babies. Is it really that unbelievable that a ringtone that uses the same tones as a baby may stimulate a woman’s breast growth?

    As I said, I’m highly skeptical, but the great thing is that this product is highly cheap and practically harmless to a woman’s health -so it’s a winning gamble to check it out. If you do, let me know if it works, because I think everyone would like a non-surgical option to breast enlargement.

    If you just want to hear the ringtone, here it is.

  5. Free Pancakes at Ihop

    February 24, 2009 by ruetheday

    For National Pancake Day, you can get a free short stack at Ihop today between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M. Pass it on.

  6. Free Kashi Frozen Entree

    February 24, 2009 by ruetheday

    success_3_entreesWowzers, one thing the recession’s good for is freebies. Here’s a link for a free Kashi frozen dinner, which look quite tasty I must say.

  7. Free: Sandwiches & $20 Vet coupons

    February 23, 2009 by ruetheday

    WOWZERS. I know I haven’t been writing on here for a while, though I really should be since it’s one of my only profitable blogs. But hey, what’s a little six months between friends? Besides, you’ll have to forgive me when you see the goodies I have lined up for you today. Free Quizno’s subs! And $20 off your next vet trip, of course, you have to be quick, they’re only giving out 80 coupons every hour between 9 AM and 9 PM EST. It is possible to get one though, I did!

  8. 20% off Vans

    July 31, 2008 by ruetheday

    Vans is offering 20% off when you use coupon code TRUEFAN08 -hooray for cheap shoes being even cheaper!

  9. $1.50 Slices of Cheesecake Factory Fun

    July 30, 2008 by ruetheday

    That’s right, to celebrate their 30th anniverssary, the Cheesecake Factory is offering it’s little slices of heaven for only $1.50 a pop. Yummers!

  10. Free Drinks At Starbucks & Jamba Juice.

    July 17, 2008 by ruetheday

    Exactly what the headline says. Starbucks for free and Jamba Juice BOGO.

    Refresh and rejoice.