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Warning: Gardening May Cost More Than It’s Worth

June 4, 2008 by Jill

I personally was born with a black thumb of death. The second I try to grow a healthy plant, it falls over and dies. Still, I have found that growing herbs is a great way to save money and have more delicious meals. Even those of you like me that cannot grow plants for the life of them can usually handle herbs. They don’t need to fruit, they can miss watering on a regular basis, and the just don’t care about you like other plants seem to. I also seem to be doing ok with squash, but we have yet to see if they actually grow into veggies or if I just have weird looking leafy things in my dirt for the rest of the summer.

That being said, it’s debatable on whether growing a garden these days can actually save you money. Even my precious squash are only 69 cents a pound at Henry’s right now. Herbs are the only thing that seem to be very expensive to buy fresh and cheap to grow. For the price of one box of fresh herbs, you can buy a small herb plant at Rite Aid right now, and grow your own, and have them when you need them. I have parsley, thyme, dill, basil and mint. They all love me. Dill likes less water and mint likes more…there’s the secret to growing herbs.

For those of you who aren’t cursed with a thumb of death, here’s a few links to help you decide what to bother planting in your garden this summer.

  • MSN compiled a great list of veggies worth growing and ones you should just buy at the store..
    Get Rich Slowly is performing an experiment to see if growing a garden is worth it and they’ve factored in both time and money as well as a variety of plants.
  • Bank Rate swears you can save money by planting your own garden, but I seriously debate this, as it all depends on your growing skills.
  • Park Seed has very good prices and selection on seeds for those of you motivated to grow.
  • And for those of you who want things to grow fast and for sure, I got my mom one of these aerogarden things for Christmas this year and she loves it. Her plants grow like crazy and she’s a worse gardener than me. She recently decided to buy the tomato kit because she just couldn’t use all the herbs the thing was growing.

Has gardening worked for you? Share your success or failure stores here!

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