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  1. 15 Cheap Father’s Day Gifts

    June 11, 2008 by Jill

    I love this list from BankRate, it has 15 great ideas for cheap Father’s Day presents. I have done a few of these in the past and it worked great.

    One year, I made my dad a card, wrote & printed a story of his life (check out Rue The Day on Sunday to read it) and made him a memorabilia book with all of my old family photos. He literally cried -which is not something my dad does, ever. It was a very cool and special Father’s Day and it ended up costing me $3 for the photo album.

    A few other successful gifts I gave him were a hand-made ice cream cake, home-made pie and a home cooked meal with my sister.

    What have you done to give your dad a great Father’s Day at little to no cost?

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