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  1. A Review of Carl’s Jr.’s Turkey Burgers

    May 3, 2011 by Jill

    Reviewed by Jill Harness on April 14, 2011 .

    Even if you only watch the bear minimum of television, you’ve certainly seen the ads for Carl’s Jr.’s turkey burgers. But just because they’ve been advertising non-stop doesn’t mean the things are actually worth eating, so I went to check it out on your behalf and I’m happy to report these burgers that range from $2.99 to $3.49 are certainly worth the money -or, at least the regular and teriyaki ones are. The guacamole at Carl’s Jr. is pretty bland and the original turkey burger is much better than the guacamole burger and it is $.50 cheaper.

    Strangely, the original burger has the same calories in it as the guacamole burger and the teriyaki burger has 20 calories less than the other. At first glance, this makes no sense, since teriyaki is known for being calorie laden. But the truth is that the teriyaki turkey burger has a light layer of sauce and a delicious ring of pineapple, which is perfect with the juicy, but slightly less-flavorful-than-beef turkey patty. The reason the original has more calories is because they try to give the patty more flavor with extra ketchup -lots of extra ketchup. As someone who likes ketchup, it was still bordering the too much line, so if you aren’t a big fan, or if you want to shave off some easy calories order light ketchup or no ketchup at all.

    Although the patties aren’t as flavorful as beef, they’re still tasty and Carl’s seasoning is just right for the delicate flavor. The patties are incredibly juicy, far more so than the other meats available at the restaurant.

    All in all, if you’re on a diet and still want some good fast food, the turkey burgers are a good call. The teriyaki is probably best, but the original is quite good. You’re probably best off skipping the guacamole version though.

    On average, the burgers deserve a 4 out of 5.

  2. T-Mobile: Why Don’t You Want My Money?

    March 31, 2011 by Jill

    With the exception of a brief, very unsuccessful, experiment with Straight Talk, I’ve been a loyal T Mobile customer for years now. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that it’s been all smooth sailing.

    It all started when my boyfriend and I decided to separate our family plan and get new, separate plans that would also give us new, fancy phones. This meant we had to cancel our old plan completely and get new individual plans. The company was able to transfer our old numbers onto our new phones, so everything was going smoothly, until our last family plan bill was due.

    Unfortunately, T Mobile’s online site uses your phone number as your user log in id, so as soon as the company canceled our old plan, we could no longer access our old bill online. To make matters worse, I was on their paperless billing system, so they didn’t send me a paper version of the bill either.

    I call them on the phone and ask if they can send me a copy of the bill, but they have their system set up in a way that prevents them from changing an account’s settings after the account is closed. Essentially, if you have paperless billing, you continue to have it, even after you can’t access your account. The customer service rep tells me she absolutely can’t send me a paper bill.

    Instead, she tells me to visit a T Mobile store in person and have an associate print it out for me. This is already getting to be a pain in the ass, but I just want to pay my last bill and get this over with, so I head to the store and the associate quickly prints out my bill. Only then do I realize that I canceled four days after the billing cycle ended and they haven’t added those four days of charges to the bill she just handed me. Instead, I have to drive to their store in order to get another printout, this time for my bill of four days worth of service. I ask the associate if she can arrange the final bill to be mailed to me or if she can just tell me what it will cost, but she says no on both accounts. Like the woman on the phone said, they can’t change account settings and mail bills after accounts are closed so if your a paperless customer, your bill ends up in paperless limbo.

    I just want to be able to pay off my bill, but don’t want to spend more money gas driving to their store to get the bill than the partial bill total. But that seems like it’s way too much to ask for here.

  3. Dig In At Tyler’s Taste Of Texas

    December 1, 2010 by Jill

    Where do you go in San Diego when you want Texas-sized portions with a slice of Southern hospitality on the side? The aptly named Tyler’s Taste of Texas, of course.

    If you can’t stand kitsch decor or republican campaign posters, then this restaurant is not for you, but if you don’t mind a little bit of a theme adorning your meal, then you’ll be sure to enjoy the fried melange of comfort food streaming out of this kitchen. Everything from fried catfish to chicken fried steak to Texas barbecue are served up piping hot, in massive quantities and at all hours of the day.

    If you’ve ever complained about the overpriced tiny portions featured on Denny’s late night meal, then head over here for your 3 AM pancake fix and enjoy piles of food for dirt cheap prices.

    Tyler’s Taste of Texas is located at 576 N. 2nd Street in El Cajon.

  4. China Diamond: The Jewel of El Cajon

    October 7, 2010 by Jill

    With some of the most flavorful Chinese food in all of East County, China Diamond is an amazing value. While all of the dishes are cheap and delicious, the buffet is the best way to go, offering tons of choices for under $8 during lunch and under $10 for dinner.

    The orange chicken is rich. The egg drop soup is perfectly balanced. Don’t miss the shrimp dish, although it changes every time, it’s always heavenly. When it comes to sweets, the sesame buns and donuts are always crispy and replaced frequently, so they are always toasty.

    The servers are friendly and incredibly attentive, refilling your water and other drinks long before you even think to ask for them.

    All in all, it’s a great place for an unbeatable price. Try it out.

    1265 Avocado Ave # 108
    El Cajon, CA 92020-7783
    (619) 588-9898

    Image courtesy of Yelp user Mustafa J.

  5. Can Round Table Pizza Still Compete?

    September 11, 2010 by Jill

    Reviewed by Jill Harness on March 20, 2011.

    When Dominos redid their formula, I was extremely skeptical and hesitant to try the new recipe. But I did like what I had, and at $5.99 for a large two topping, their price simply can’t be beat. In fact, it seemed to spurn a race with most pizza chains trying to have the best value for the price. Both Papa Johns and Pizza Hut have turned to offering unlimited toppings for $10 (although Papa Johns has since canned this promotion). And Little Cesaers has continually been pumping out $5 cardboard circles for mass consumption.

    While there is still plenty of room for gourmet pizzerias and even neighborhood spots, can a massive chain that refuses to drop prices even hope to compete for value? Round  Table better hope so.

    To review the chain, the BF and I ordered two large pizzas from the Round Table in Santee last night, both of which were on special. Even though they were on sale, the total still came out to $30 without any tips. At more than twice the cost of two large Dominos pizzas, the chain seemed to be losing right away. But then we looked at the sizes. The Round Table pizzas were at least two inches larger in diameter and they were significantly thicker, so realistically, you are getting more pizza at least.

    But when it comes to toppings and flavor, Round Table blows the competition away. We ordered their Italiano pizza for $11, which has a slightly different crust than usual and comes in either cheese or peperoni. The crust was good, well seasoned and thick. Both my boyfriend and I probably could have ate no more than a third of the pizza each, which is a lot less than the full Domino’s pizza it takes to fill us each up.

    Then came the BBQ chicken pizza. This had their traditional cheese-laden crust and an array of toppings, including chicken, bacon, green onions, garlic sauce, BBQ sauce and red onions. It was just as filling as the other pizza and $5 more, but the flavor was incomparable. The combination of toppings blended together perfect, it was sweet, savory, tart and heavenly.

    After a full investigation, I think it’s safe to say that Round Table certainly holds its own against other chains, even if the price is significantly higher. So next time you’re ordering, consider more than price, consider the fillingness of the pizza and the flavor. Round Table just might be the best value for your dollar.

    I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5, because, hey, it could still be a little cheaper.

  6. BJ’s, A Bit Pricey, Quite A Bit Delicious

    March 10, 2010 by ruetheday

    Reviewed by Jill Harness on March 20, 2011.

    It’s been years since I stopped by BJ’s in La Mesa, but I always knew they had a great happy hour, so we headed out there yesterday to see if it was still around. As luck would have it, the restaurant’s happy hour hasn’t changed a bit. All of their mini pizzas are half price, drinks are a dollar off and appetizers are two dollars off. Of course, the prices for everything are on the expensive side, so this just means everything is reasonable instead of over-inflated.

    We went ahead and ordered the piranha nachos as an appetizer and I ordered their Irish Root Beer. The nachos were good, but a few chips were burned and their salsa has always been a bit strange. The smokey chipotle flavor is just a bit off when paired with the sweetness of the rest of the flavors. Unfortunately, you can’t have nachos without salsa, so we just tried to go light on the salsa. While the chili, cheese, olives, sour cream, tomatoes and other toppings were tasty, I think I’d skip this $9.25 appetizer ($7.25 during happy hour) in the future, unless they get a new salsa.

    As for my drink, the Irish Root Beer was pure heaven. With the restaurant’s own root beer, Baileys, BOLS butterscotch schnapps and Jameson whiskey, it was the perfect blend of sweet and bitter. Over all, it had a taste of a root beer float, but the sweet bite of the Jameson made it all the more delightful. At $7.75 per glass ($6.75 during happy hour) it’s a little on the pricey side, but the size and flavor made it worth the expense.

    For dinner, we went for the mini pizzas. BJ’s specialties are its beers and pizzas, so I knew we’d be in for a treat no matter what we ordered, so we went for the exotic and tried the Mediterranean, with Kalmata olives, grilled chicken, tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, pesto, feta cheese, peperchinis and garlic, and the bacon cheeseburger, with ground beef, red onions, bacon, pickles, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and thousand island dressing.

    Both of the pizzas were tasty, but the Mediterranean had quite a few less toppings than one would expect, although the taste was still an excellent blend of all the ingredients. The cheeseburger pizza was a treat for the tongue as the flavors of the pickles and dressing were unexpected, but entirely pleasant. I would highly recommend either pizza, particularly for the price of $5 each during the happy hour special.

    I ended up with enough left overs to have lunch the next day, which meant I was too stuffed to try the pizzokie, which looked quite tasty. But, to correct that omission in our meal, I’ll be making home made pizzokies later and then sharing the recipe with you all soon.

    If you get the chance to stop by BJ’s, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

    I’d give the restaurant a 3.5 out of 5 right now, but if they reduced their prices a bit and got a better salsa, that could easily become a 5 out of 5.

  7. Sun Tacos: Changed Name=Changed Quality

    March 7, 2010 by ruetheday

    If you live in La Mesa, you may very well have enjoyed the little taco shop on Baltimore that was once known as Buenos Dias. Unfortunately, although the shop is still owned by the same people, the name change to Sun Tacos, which does not sound nearly as delightful to the ear, reflects a drop in both value and price.

    While the menu options are the exact same, even the trademark Buenos Dias burrito with potatoes, beans and eggs, the prices have risen as much as a dollar per item. You can even see the old prices shining through the menu board, mocking you for having spent more than you really should have.

    For me though, the real disappointment was the food. While the restaurant was once one of the rare taco shops that wasn’t too greasy and cooked everything to perfection, the food has taken a nosedive. The carne asada was chewy; the beans, flavorless and greasy; the tortillas, stale; and, worst of all the potatoes in my once-beloved Buenos Dias burrito were crunchy and undercooked.

    If you had once enjoyed the restaurant, it’s best to leave your memories the way they were and simply avoid the location at all costs.