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  1. Free Birthday Meals In San Diego

    June 14, 2009 by ruetheday

    2552746558_939642c44fLet’s face it, your family doesn’t want to spend all kinds of money taking you out to dinner on your birthday. They want to go somewhere and eat some good food and they already bought you presents, but why make them pay an additional $10-$20? And after the family and friends dinners, wouldn’t you be happy to have a few free meals to go? Here’s a few places in San Diego that offer free food for birthday diners:

    The day of:

    -Onami: This is a great, all you can eat sushi and Japanese food restaurant, meaning it is a little pricey usually. On the bright side, if you eat there on your actual birthday, you get a coupon to come back again for free.

    -Ihop: While participation varies by location, many Ihop’s will give you a free meal just for coming in on your birthday. Call ahead for details.

    -Disneyland: So it’s not in San Diego and it’s not a restaurant, but you can save yourself a $70 admission fee for visiting on your birthday. It’s a great deal that can leave you with fantastic memories. Also note, the registration is not mandatory, it merely makes admission faster.

    On a set day of the month:

    -The Boathouse: This upscale restaurant selects one day of the month to offer a free prime rib meal with the purchase of another meal for all people born on a particular month.

    Emails for near-birthday coupons:

    -Rubios: When you sign up for their Beach Club, you get a free taco automatically. When your birthday rolls around, they give you a free meal worth up to $7. No other purchase is necessary.

    -Mimi’s Cafe: Sign up for Mimi’s eclub and you’ll receive a coupon for a free breakfast worth up to $10. For your birthday, they’ll send you a coupon for $10 off you next meal over $20.

    -Black Angus: If you want a steak for your birthday, sign up for their Prime Club and receive a buy one get one free meal coupon for your birthday.  Your meal can be worth up to $19.99.

    -Red Robin: Get a free birthday burger when you register at their website…best of all, there’s no other purchase necessary.

    -HomeTown Buffet: When you sign up here, you can get one free buffet dinner when you purchase another buffet dinner. You’ll recieve another coupon like this for your birthday.

    -Coldstone: Get a free like-it size ice cream for your birthday when you register at their site.

    Know any other freebies? Let me know in the comments!

    Photo Via Aloha Orangeneko [Flickr]

  2. SF’s Best Cookies -Hot Cookie

    July 5, 2008 by ruetheday

    Looking for some of the best cookies on earth? Happen to be around San Francisco? Have no fear, Hot Cookie is here!

    Business: Hot Cookie
    407 Castro St.
    San Francisco, CA 94114
    (415) 621-2350
    Price: $ (Each $ represents a $5 increment)
    Rating: 5 out of 5

    You can smell the sweets from down the street and with flavors like cranberry, white-chocolate oatmeal and just good ol’ chocolate chip, whatever you’re in the mood for, Hot Cookie carries it. And they carry the best. And just in case you want a truly “Castro” experience, they have large macaroon cookies dipped in chocolate. -in the shape of penises. Personally, I recommend the chocolate chip peanut butter.

    The cookies may seem a little expensive for just a cookie, but if you get the day old cookies, it’s about 3 for the price of one fresh one. The day old’s are slightly less moist and definitely don’t feel hot-out-of-the-oven like the brand new ones, but damn are they good.

    Stop by this cute little cookie shack just once and you’ll see why so many San Franciscians can’t get enough of their Hot Cookies. And don’t worry, the do sell milk.

  3. Travel: Discount Chinese Food in East San Diego

    June 9, 2008 by Jill

    San Diego’s East County is a haven for cheap hotels and homes, but many of the restaurants are only sub par, especially their Chinese and Japanese food. Enter P.G. King Chinese Cuisine. P.G.’s is a tiny restaurant in the heart of San Diego’s La Mesa community. The food takes a little influence from south of the border and the resulting Chinese food with a touch of Mexican flair is truly fantastic.
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