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Dining Near Disneyland: The PCH Grill

December 3, 2010 by ruetheday

Eating inside the Disneyland Park is both expensive and largely unfulfilling. While there are a few great restaurants in the park, The Blue Bayou is exquisite, the price overall is astronomical for the quality of food you are getting. Instead, it’s generally better to eat outside of the park, although many of the nearby options are still pretty pricey.

To that end, The PCH Grill inside The Paradise Pier Hotel is a great meal for the cost. The buffet restaurant allows you to eat everything you possibly can all while being fussed over by your favorite Disney characters.

When you first enter, you are greeted by Mickey (unless he’s on a break, in which case you will meet another costumed character) where you can take a photo opportunity before you chow down.

As your waiter brings your drink selections, you are invited to start grazing on the buffet and what a buffet it is. When we went for breakfast there were all the things you would expect -scrambled eggs, bagels, sausage and bacon, and many things you wouldn’t -smoked salmon and caviar with capers, chilaquiles, an omelet bar. Plus, there are your mandatory Disney themed treats, such as Mickey-shaped Belgium waffles.

While many breakfast buffets tend to taste dried out, salty and bland, even the basics were moist and flavorful. In fact, I don’t hesitate to say that they had the lightest, fluffiest scrambled eggs I’ve ever had at a buffet.

As if the delicious food weren’t enough to make this place worthwhile, the characters are constantly circling to ensure every table gets sufficient interaction. If you can go on a weekday morning a little later than the average breakfast time, there will be hardly anyone at the restaurant, which means more character attention to entertain you.

While we got pictures with Goofy’s son Max, Daisy, Mickey and Minnie, my favorite character was Stitch. He sat down in my boyfriend’s seat while he was filling up his plate and flirted with me, then when he returned, he gestured for me to leave my love and date him instead. The character was perfect for Stitch’s bratty personality and that alone made the meal worthwhile.

At $21.50 per person, the meal was hardly cheap, but the fact that there are no tips accepted and that the food and entertainment were both top notch made it completely worth the price.

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