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Dinner And Show: The Rainforest Cafe

November 26, 2010 by Jill

When visiting the Disneyland Park, many guests will find themselves facing the dilemma of whether to eat at the park or risk wandering out of the park to indulge in less expensive delights. As a compromise, a lot of people end up eating in Downtown Disney, which is still located within the official property, but not quite as overpriced as the parks themselves.

A popular choice amongst these Downtown Disney options is the Rainforest Cafe. And it makes sense, the animatronic elephants, butterflies and gorillas are the closest thing to a Disney attraction offered outside the realm of Disney. If you do decide to eat here, call ahead on your cell phone to book a reservation because the wait can often be an hour or more if you don’t.

The food here is still way more than it would be anywhere else. I’ve found the nachos appetizer to be one of the better deals. Even though it is around $15, the dish includes a lot of chips, hamburger meat, veggies, black beans, cheese, sour cream, and salsa -meaning it’s more than enough food for one person. Generally, my boyfriend and I have ordered this and and something on the lighter side and shared. When you do this, you can ensure your meal ends up being around $15 per person, which is actually pretty low for anything in and around the parks.

The burgers are good, but they are about average for a restaurant of this type, nothing too special and for $12 with a bag of potato chips, they aren’t exactly cheap.

Even so, the entertainment of the half hour rainforest shows makes up for the slight overpricing and it’s certainly going to be better food for a better price than anything you’ll get in the park. Overall, you’d probably be better off skipping the Rainforest Cafe in San Francisco and Las Vegas, but when visiting Disneyland, it’s a good call, especially for those who have children with them.

Reservations can be made here: (714) 772-0413

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