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Dig In At Tyler’s Taste Of Texas

December 1, 2010 by Jill

Where do you go in San Diego when you want Texas-sized portions with a slice of Southern hospitality on the side? The aptly named Tyler’s Taste of Texas, of course.

If you can’t stand kitsch decor or republican campaign posters, then this restaurant is not for you, but if you don’t mind a little bit of a theme adorning your meal, then you’ll be sure to enjoy the fried melange of comfort food streaming out of this kitchen. Everything from fried catfish to chicken fried steak to Texas barbecue are served up piping hot, in massive quantities and at all hours of the day.

If you’ve ever complained about the overpriced tiny portions featured on Denny’s late night meal, then head over here for your 3 AM pancake fix and enjoy piles of food for dirt cheap prices.

Tyler’s Taste of Texas is located at 576 N. 2nd Street in El Cajon.

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